We understand that every charity is different. We take the time to understand each charity’s financial objectives, unique circumstances and risk profile. We do this before discussing the options that may be considered for the management of your assets.

Our initial focus is often on the purpose of your investments, your Investment Policy Statement (IPS), the different types of risk and your long-term financial strategy. Your requirements may be very specific, for example you may want to add regional exposure or socially- responsible investments to your portfolio. Your needs may, on the other hand, be a lot broader, requiring a complete asset allocation solution. Whatever they are, we research the whole market for you to come up with a selection of managers that offer products and services suitable for your specific requirements. This could involve introductions to a selection of discretionary fund managers (DFMs).

Manager Selection

Our experience is that charities prefer a patient, risk-based approach to investment, one that is designed to protect and grow their capital yet have the ability to meet their income needs. To hit these goals, we aim to introduce clients to managers who have delivered consistent returns over the long term and who are experienced at managing the assets of a charity and able to meet their reporting requirements. Our independent research resources include the services of Castle Investment Solutions, a firm that carries out due-diligence on DFMs to ensure they meet growth and income expectations year after year without increasing risk by chasing returns.

We always give our clients options on how their assets are managed. We take our clients through the benefits of each approach and help them to select an appropriate manager(s).