Hedge Funds, Private Equity & Asset Management Clients

Whilst excellent at what you do, we understand that successful City professionals have time pressures and need professional guidance around their own personal finances.

Our clients working in the asset management, hedge fund and private equity world often cite common concerns when they first approach us. Often these include:

  • Lack of understanding on how to mitigate tax on large bonus payments, including share option payouts.
  • Having spent many years looking after/managing other people’s money, they seldom have had time to look after their own personal wealth. Indeed, when a life event has forced them to surface and consider their personal finances, they wish they’d been more diligent about their personal wealth earlier on in life.

  • Having several pension pots dotted around with previous employers often left invested in default funds due to time pressures.

  • Unable to recall which funds their pension assets were invested in.

  • Little or no idea about how their funds were performing.

  • Little or no time to consider their overall asset allocation and whether it was aligned to their risk profile and financial timeline.

  • Limited knowledge of alternative (to pension) tax efficient investment vehicles available to them.

Areas of Advice

We meet many City based individuals whom previously preferred ‘trading their own account’ using low cost on-line trading platforms. Often, with the passage of time, and sometimes on the back of bad trade experiences, these individuals have come to the conclusion that they are time poor and unable to approach their own accounts in a considered, measured and professional way.

We understand these issues and in our experience, even the most successful City professionals need professional guidance around their own personal wealth.

We work with the owners, directors and employees of hedge funds, private equity and asset management firms in the areas of:

  • Pension consolidation and retirement planning
  • Shareholder protection, partnership protection and cross option agreements
  • Tax efficient profit extraction strategies, including year-end bonuses and share option payouts
  • Exit strategies for business owners and maintaining Business Property Relief
  • Tax efficient wealth management
  • Discretionary wealth management
  • Inheritance tax planning
  • School and university fees planning
  • Protection – life, critical illness and income protection
  • Mortgages & commercial lending

It pays to plan ahead. At KAL Capital Partners we work with our clients and their other professional advisers to better organise our clients’ financial affairs.