Estate Planning

Carefully planning the financial affairs of your estate is essential to ensure that you can pass on the maximum benefit to your beneficiaries . Protection policy solutions and tax efficient wealth management strategies are central to the advice process.

Estate preservation doesn’t only affect the very wealthy. Rising property prices have meant it is now an issue for an increasing number of people. Important to many clients is to structure their assets to enable them to pass more wealth to their family and chosen beneficiaries. Our advice process is designed to help clients in this area.

Inheritance tax (IHT) is the tax payable on your estate when you die if the value of your estate exceeds a certain amount. It can also sometimes be payable on assets you may have given away during your lifetime, including property, investments, money and possessions. IHT is often called a voluntary tax because the amount your estate has to pay could be reduced or, for some, removed completely with careful planning. Effective IHT planning could save your beneficiaries thousands and maybe hundreds of thousands of pounds depending on the size of your estate.

There are several options to help mitigate IHT. The easiest way is to organise your tax affairs by obtaining professional advice and having a valid Will in place. This will help ensure that your legacy does not involve just leaving a large IHT bill for your loved ones. However, IHT can be a complicated area and without proper tax planning, many people could end up leaving an IHT liability on their death, considerably reducing the value of the estate passing to chosen beneficiaries.

KAL Capital Partners can help you to better understand what the potential IHT liability on your estate may be and the options you may have to mitigate this.


Making a valid Will is vital in inheritance tax (IHT) planning. It is important to ensure it is well written and planned correctly. Failure to make a Will may see your assets divided based on intestacy rules.

We can introduce you to legal service providers who can arrange Wills on your behalf.

Please note that the writing of a Will requires a referral to a service that is separate and distinct to those KAL Capital Partners offer. Wills are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority or the Prudential Regulation Authority.

A carefully drafted Will can:

  • Provide certainty for those you care most about
  • Help protect your assets for future generations
  • Avoid delays, unnecessary legal costs and family disputes
  • Avoid any unnecessary inheritance tax liabilities